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Solearte Italian Language School 

Viale Giovanni Paolo II, n.11  - 73100 LECCE - Tel. +39 0832 311397  -  e-mail: info@solearte.it

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Solearte offers a rich programme of social activities, to help students explore and discover Salento and Apulia and get the best from their courses.

We offer seminars on Italian Culture, history, art, food and music.

During the summer, the School organises several types of events; tours along the stunning coastline, evening wine tasting in some of the most interesting “Sagre” and everyone’s favourite lessons on Mediterranean cooking.


Moreover, our students receive special assistance from our Tourist Branch "CULTOURITALY" for those who want to explore other parts of Italy better, eg, Calabria, Sicilia, Campania, Roma and Lazio, Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Venezia and many other places in between.


To add to your cultural trip, we whole-heartedly recommend our "MAGNA GRAECIA" programme.

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